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June Baldwin Bork
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05 May 1997

Great news! The ancestry of our first John BURNETT has been found. He was christened on Christmas Day, 1610. Enclosed is a chart* showing the families I am researching and later on, I will send you additional information. It was just too exciting to keep it a secret any longer.

In Volume One of THE BURNETTS and THEIR CONNECTIONS, you will find the birth of John (I) BURNETT was 1610-1611, "in or near Aberdeen, Scotland". The reference for his age is found in Hotten's, THE ORIGINAL LIST OF PERSONS OF QUALITY, 1635 - John BURNETT, age 24, [born 1610] aboard the Ship Abraham of London, Mr. John Barker, Master, bound for Virginia, (p. 138). Plus...we know now that his wife, Lucretia, was a JOHNSON. In John's records, you will find JOHNSON references and it was conjectured at the time of writing that the JOHNSONs were probably connected.

John (I) BURNETT received the Warrant or Charter to trade in Virginia from King Charles in 1638. Afterwards, several JOHNSTONS entered the scene and these will also be researched. Note too, that John (I) BURNETT's mother was Margaret JOHNSTON and it is very likely that we will find that John BURNETT and Lucretia JOHNSON were first cousins, both descending from William JOHNSTON (?) and Elspet DRUN/DRUIM (?). I am still not certain about William and Elspet Johnson and will have to do more research. The feminine names of "Elsept and Elspeth" is a diminutive of "Elizabeth" and Cristen or Christian" was very common in the early days of Scotland.

In 1668, John BURNETT and Lues, his wife, sold to Thomas Gaines, all of Piscatation Creek, all their interest in 100 acres joining the land of Mr. William JOHNSON.

All the births and marriages on the enclosed chart, were found in the old St. Nicholas Parish Church in Aberdeen, Aberdeen County, Scotland. St. Nicholas is located near Crathes Castle and was the church most frequented by the BURNETT of Leys.

All three Volumes of the BURNETTS and THEIR CONNECTIONS have been very successful and I thank all of you for your support. John (I) BURNETT's descendants are eligible for Colonial Dames and the DAR/SAR and the books are in the regional offices in Washington.

Sincerely yours,

June Baldwin Bork

* Due to the graphics required, June's pedigree chart could not be enclosed with this. However, you are welcome to write her and send a SASE for the chart.

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