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Farthing arrivals in America

Robert FARTHIN was the first recorded of the surname in Virginia as found in CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1623-1666, Nell Marion Nugent, originally published in 1934 and reprinted by Genealogical Publishing in Baltimore in 1963, 1969, 1979, 1983 and 1991 on page 45; Richard Bennett, Gent., received 350 acs., 7 Jul 1636, for the transportation of 7 persons of which Robert FARTHIN was named. A later entry for Richard Bennett on 19 Aug 1637, shows the surname as FARTHING.

From the same source on page 49 is found that William Clarke on the 29th of Sep 1636 was granted 450 acres of land for the transportation of 22 persons and a Barr. FARTHING was among them. Later on page 86 William Clarke again is recorded on 06 May 1638 for the same persons imported but in this grant the details are different. Here it is written that the land was due in right of his now wife, Dorothy Gardiner, late widdowe to Edward Gardiner, to whom it was due for the transportation of the 22 people including Barr.

In Henrico County,Virginia, 14 Jul 1637, Richard Ward was granted 50 acres due Barthlomew FARTHING for the transportation of a servant called Sarah Breman.

The next was when on 12 Oct 1662, Capt. George Lyddall of New Kent County, Virginia recorded 3306 acres of land on both sides of Black Cr. of which 916 acres, newly taken up due for the transportation of 19 persons, Charles FARTHING being one named.

Col. Edmund Scarburgh recorded 3000 acres 22 Jun 1664 for the transportation of threescore (60) persons and named Lewis FARTHING.

To be continued....

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